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" To many, Mike Esposito is one of the finest country/blues guitarists to be found anywhere, especially with his exquisite touch on the Dobro and National Steel resonator guitars."

" . . . . Mike's Delta-style bottleneck blues, country, and bluegrass is legendary in Northwest New Jersey. With vintage National steel guitars, wooden body Dobro, steel string acoustic, and Rickenbacker lap steel guitars firmly in hand, Mike's live shows are a veritable panorama of American roots music."

" . . . . An extremely talented musician who deserves to be heard by a much wider audience."

–New Jersey Herald, February 5, 1999

" . . . . A mix of emotion and technique, a well studied Bluesman, Mike has a feeling for the Blues, something beyond practice and study. All 15 of "Let it Slide's" cuts wonderfully evidence his masterful guitar skills. He is able to impart the nuances, intricacies and timing country blues demands. As Muddy Waters once told him after hearing him play: "You got it,. kid!"

–Art Would, Skylands Blues News, December, 1995

" If you like the sound of the Dobro or National Steel guitar, Mike Esposito is a player with much talent. He's been playing in bands since the early '70s, and Let It Slide is a virtuoso solo album that highlights his playing capabilities. Aside from slide guitar, Esposito plays bass, guitar and ukulele. He tackles country ("Ghost Riders In The Sky"), rock ("Hey Joe") and classic blues ("Baby Please Don't Go" and "I Know You Rider"). Additionally, he's got a slew of his own tunes that have bluegrass, country-blues and folk influences. The thing that makes Esposito different is his unique approach. A good example of this is his brilliant rendition of "Hey Joe," which is vastly different from any version I've heard. Ry Cooder and David Lindley fans should find something to whet their appetites here . . . ."

– Relix Magazine, 1996

" ...Slide guitarist/multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Mike Esposito has a killer tone. The opening track, "Ghost Riders In The Sky" is cowboy cool all the way. Esposito's voice has that chilling blue feel that goes just perfectly with his guitar playing. Esposito's arrangement of "St. James Infirmary" is spooky with a capital S. The production is rich and fat and the whole CD is a joy!"

–F.B., The Music Paper, May, 1996

Mike's Music has been featured on 5 TV shows in the past year.

1.Boogie Woogie:In the
Moment:Gretchen Wilson
CMT channel

2.Boogie Woogie: Whats
Hot! Whats Cool  Episode#6
Food Network

3.Irrational National: White
House Pets
Animal Planet

4.Wild Turkey Woods: Big Texas
History Channel

5.Wild Turkey Woods: Ready for the Weekend Movie 402
USA Network
In 1998
The Friends of Northwest
New Jersey Musicians
honored Mike as
Blues Artist of the Year.
Editorial Reviews

“ This New Jersey
guitar hero (in the best sense of the term) plays
instrumental and vocal blues, rock, country &
folk tunes with consummate grace and skill.”

–Dave Rubin,
Tri-State Blues Magazine

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